Remote Sensing Remote Transmission and Covert Operations Capabilities Li...

See below the youtube video for the two new uploads that meet the 100MB max file size requirement as I had to edit the below storyboard rough draft video I first posted on youtube to be able to upload directly to

The below youtube post has been blocked for some reason even though is a public service report to spread the good news of the truth that is finally in the main stream media again regarding imminent threat systems operations that are of grave concern relating to deadly and at the least systems capable of maiming that are remote sensing and remote transmission operations.

Part 1 of 2 of the above video edited:

Part 2 of 2 of the above video edited:

Thanksgiving update with two more segments I want to incorporate maybe into a third investigative journalism news report that includes older late 70's and early 80's main stream mind control related news reports that I've referenced on this blogger in previous blog posts:

Reading Your Mind Key Points:

Secrets, Lies and Atomic Spies Key Points:

Another excerpt of key points from: The KGB Connections


  1. Transcript from the CBS News 60 Minutes Sept. 1st 2019 report.

  2. Interesting CBS News 60 Minutes Rewind Mind Reading on November 21st regarding Reading Your Mind that aired ten years ago and one of the scientists noted then in three to five years they'd be able to read all thoughts.

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  4. Interesting movie worth watching titled Control Factor from 2003 and another that is more dramatic and not as real The Big Game that did have some mind control and remote control details that were interesting regarding the year that came out since Jose Delgado demonstrated remote controlling monkeys and the bull publicly.

  5. Interesting interview I found on RT America regarding the CIA Search for Mind Control and an author who wrote a book regarding the MK Ultra Projects.

  6. Found a new Michigan Compiled Law that I've never read before; MCL 750.43a (this definition needs to be included with MCL750.224a, 750.543p and 750.200h):

    Act 328 of 1931

    750.43a Directed energy emitted from directed energy device; aiming at aircraft or path of aircraft or moving train prohibited; violation as felony; penalty; exceptions; "directed energy device" defined.
    Sec. 43a.

    (1) A person shall not intentionally aim a beam of directed energy emitted from a directed energy device at an aircraft or into the path of an aircraft or a moving train.
    (2) A person who violates this section is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 5 years or a fine of not more than $10,000.00, or both.
    (3) This section does not apply to any of the following:
    (a) An authorized individual in the conduct of research and development or flight test operations conducted by an aircraft manufacturer, the Federal Aviation Administration, or any other person authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct research and development or flight test operations.
    (b) Members of the United States Department of Defense or the United States Department of Homeland Security acting in an official capacity for the purpose of research, development, operations, testing, or training.
    (c) A person using a laser emergency signaling device to send an emergency distress signal.
    (4) As used in this section, "directed energy device" means any device that emits highly focused energy and is capable of transferring that energy to a target to damage or interfere with its operation. The energy from a directed energy device includes, but is not limited to, the following forms of energy:
    (a) Electromagnetic radiation, including radio frequency, microwave, lasers, and masers.
    (b) Particles with mass, in particle-beam weapons and devices.
    (c) Sound, in sonic weapons and devices.

    History: Add. 2017, Act 29, Eff. Aug. 7, 2017

  7. Here is the rough list of videos (need to verify the Youtube and other website Titles and Dates accessed for APA formatting):
    Reading Your Mind
    2017 What is Brain Hacking Tech insiders on why you should care
    Poisoner in Cheif CIA search for mind control with Stephen Kinzer
    The Little Albert Experiment
    Emotional Deprivation in Infancy Study by Rene A. Spitz 1952
    Secret military shuttle returns to Earth
    911 Trillions Follow The Money
    GAMBIT The Eye of the Eagle
    Gambit Hexagon Declassification Overview
    HEXAGON Sentinel of Liberty
    Brain trauma suffered by U.S. diplomats abroad could be work of hostile foreign government
    Is an invisible weapon targeting U.S. diplomats
    60 Minutes speaks with survivor of mysterious health attack in China
    Victim Of Suspected Health Attacks On US Diplomats Speaks Out _ TODAY
    Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered Rise of the Warrior Apes
    Gang of Chimps Torture and Kill a Lone Chimp
    Noncontact Sleep Monitoring (Somnography) Using an IR UWB Radar Sensor, August, 2016
    Admiral sounds the alarm about elite Navy SEALs We have a problem
    Informants _ Al Jazeera Investigatations
    Michael Mosley has areas of his brain turned off - The Brain A Secret History - BBC Four
    Deactivate ur Brains Selected Parts Use Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation !!
    2019 AFRL Inspire - The Impact of Child's Play
    Microwaves suspected in attacks on US diplomats in Cuba and China
    The Assassination of William Goebel
    Assad on deaths of Epstein- White Helmets- founder- bin Laden
    Using Sounds as Dangerous Weapons – DEF CON 27
    FBI_Official_We Need to Keep Fear Alive to Justify Terror Budget
    Why Your Privacy Is Worth More Than You Think
    The Money Machine What Google and Facebook Do With Your Data
    Giuliani Democrats stepped into more than they realize
    HD Stock Video Footage - U.S. Army giant heliostat solar furnace produces extreme heat in Natick Massachusetts United States
    The Kennedy Assassination what really happened
    Echelon The Secret Power documentary
    Trump I dont want war with Iran
    Trump Says the Military Industrial Complex is Pressuring him Into a War With Iran
    Discovery Channel Spies Above Documentary Narrated by Gillian Anderson (1996)
    Daisy Ad (1964) Preserved from 35mm in the Tony Schwartz Collection
    Microwave Antenna Demonstration - Episode 4
    NOVA - Secrets Lies And Atomic Spies (5 February 2002)
    AG Barr Fox Stop using Criminal Proceeding for Politcal Reasons
    The Quietest Place on Earth
    Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy
    When Australia Tried to Nuke a Rain Forest - Dark Footage
    ATT Archives Principles of the Optical Maser
    THE LASER A LIGHT FANTASTIC 1967 Documentary WDTVLIVE42 - The Best Documentary Ever
    Bell Labs Henry Feinberg Demonstrates Ways of Using Light to Transmit Sound Waves 1978
    ATT Archives Similiarities of Wave Behavior (Bonus Edition)
    Sound Waves in Air 1961 PSSC Richard Bolt MIT Acoustic Lens Demonstration
    What is quantum mechanics really all about
    Tech Tips Tuesday, Isolation Transformer and Variac Safety
    158 Directional Coupler Basics how to sweep SWR of an antenna Return Loss VSWR
    297 Basics of the Smith Chart - Intro impedance VSWR transmission lines matching
    Adaptive Optics Discoveries
    DIY ECG with AD8232 and Sound Card
    EEVblog 1178 - Build a $10 DIY EMC Probe
    Propaganda and Manipulation How mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions
    Is George Soros a Sociopath
    Malcolm X - Interview At Berkeley (1963)
    Malcolm X and Ali Warning About Liberals and Multiculturalism
    Military drugs creating the supersoldier - Searching for the Truth
    Remote-controlled human
    This Guy Controls His Friends With a Remote!
    Radar Microphone

    1. Eustace Mullins - Murder by Injection (Full Length)
      Robet Duncan MIT Presentation3
      BREAKING NEWS Army Has Sprayed Citizens with Radioactive Particles! (Chemtrail Link)
      EXCLUSIVE Microwave Weapons Not Sound Are Attacking U.S. Embassies In China And Cuba
      Fox News Special - Sunday December 24_President_IKE_Gently_in_Manner_Strong_in_Deed
      Kay Griggs Colonels Wife Deep State Tell-All 4 of 4
      I Know Nothing
      The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate recent direct energy demonstrations

      Need to add other videos referenced in blogger posts even if not used for a more concise reference for future investigative journalism new report production use.


      NAG-1 (FS-222)
      NSA Circular 90-9
      NACSEM 5100 5300

      The U.S. Air Force produced a TEMPEST security training video called
      "So You Think You're Secure." The video was declassified in 1991 and "Shows measures used to
      prevent compromising of classified information during its handling by electronic equipment and
      explains purpose and application of Air Force Security Service's TEMPEST program." The video is
      available in the National Archives (ARC Identifier: 64336)


      AFI 33-203;cd=2;td=3?target=%25N%13_782_START_RESTART_N%25

      AFSSI 7010
      AFSSI 7011

      MIL-STD-462 (electromagnetic interference)

      Datastop Security Glass, that's advertised as the only clear EMF/
      RFI protection glass on the market. It's free of metal mesh, so has excellent optical clarity. This is the
      same stuff the FAA uses in air traffic control towers. Contact TEMPEST SECURITY SYSTEMS INC.
      for more details.

      Winn "Mr. Information Warfare" Schwartau gave a presentation at DefCon II (the annual Vegas
      hacker get together) in 1994. Real Media audio links: Winn Schwartau: Overview of Tempest
      and VanEck shielding and radiation and somewhat related, Winn Schwartau - HERF Guns, EMP
      Bombs and Weapons of Mass Disruption (Unclassified) - parts 1, 2.

      Grady Ward's "TEMPEST in a teapot"

    3. DEF CON 7 - Winn Schwartau - HERF Guns EMP Bombs and Weapons of Mass Disruption (UnClassified)
      DEF CON 2 Hacking Conference Presentation By Winn Schwartau - Tempest - Audio
      Michael Ossmann Simple RF Circuit Design

    4. Delgado video found recently:

  8. Two new excellent interviews with William Binney:
    CIA's Intelligence coup with William Binney

    Whistelblower: NSA Goal Is Total Population Control

  9. Excellent presentations also with Dr. John Hall:
    Dr John Hall Interview

    With Dr. Michael Persinger:
    Michael Persinger on No More Secrets

  10. Reference to the latest video excerpts for PSA video storyboards and some other project related:
    jafinch78 Youtube Videos

  11. The Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) is a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored organization. The purpose of HDIAC is to leverage the best expertise from industry, other government agencies, and academia to solve the government's toughest scientific and technical problems. Learn more about HDIAC at
    HDIAC Youtube Videos

    HDIAC Podcast - Weaponizing Brain Science: Neuroweapons - Part 1 of 2

    HDIAC Podcast - Weaponizing Brain Science: Neuroweapons - Part 2 of 2

  12. Replies

    1. The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion | GQ

      CIA agents suspect they were attacked with microwave weapon in Australia | ABC News

    2. Chinese targeted victim news report from NTD:
      NTD China in Focus excerpt originally aired on September 14, 2020

  13. 'Havana Syndrome': Microwave Energy Suspected In Mystery Illness Targeting U.S. Diplomat | TODAY

    I think the below video is pertinent and may be a concern regarding the handling of the situation.
    Heart-Stopping Reality Check from Milwaukee Police

    1. Interesting article referencing a device I don't recall reading about, Electromagnetic Personnel Interdiction Control (EPIC):
      The Microwave Weapons That Could Explain Why ‘Havana Syndrome’ Report Is Not Being Released (UPDATED)

  14. Active (GHz) Remote Sensing tech that I didn't realize was detailed so well that can see through buildings and isn't IR or Terahertz on satellites either:

    Soon, satellites will be able to watch you everywhere all the time
    Can privacy survive?


    A New Satellite Can Peer Inside Buildings, Day or Night
    The resolution is so crisp that you can see inside individual rooms.

    Why not determine logically that the sensing and transmission systems can also sense other properties like sound, ECG's and other human radiological emissions? We know other active and passive radars can that are used for weather in the similar frequency range and detect down to insect radar cross sections and have been for decades. Add the decades wireless mind control disclosure and sound, body and mind control from wherever source seems more feasible if designed to do so on victims.

    RADAR Cross Section Image

    Super-Sensitive Radar Can Track & Identify Mosquitoes a Mile Away

    1. Copying and pasting a reply, with some HTML updates to add hyperlinks, to a question I answered in my clipboard history:

      Yes, from my understanding the KGB Connection in the U.S. and I guess elsewhere would report as noted by this Weather Underground Weatherman trained to report "Delgado": (watch until 57:20)

      Even spookier to me is the periods when the work was being performed where I've read somewhere regarding the Moscow Signal that connected Theremin and event occurring before the 1950's and possibly going back to the 40's or maybe 30's.

      Also, consider classical kinetic, chemical and biochemical methods that are not all classified either that can impact to effect mind control effects and capabilities for performance.

      Not saying the systems used in the assaults are only mind control..., though like other forms of mind control that is more well known and last reported clearly in the 1980's regarding wireless without implants mind control and amazingly consented to by the masses say by certain industries and like some social media brainwashing and cult programming methods... the type that isn't well disclosed and known has an interesting history that leaves me amazed the controversy regarding and lack of demand to know the truth from just Dr. Jose Delgado's work:





      If you watch the documentary "The Minds of Men" and a more recent Delgado video I found ( ) ... you'll clearly see examples of the remote control that can not be countered at least in the short term subconsciously. Though I do wonder about conscious adapting and effectiveness long term without some sort of more complex method compared to what has been demonstrated.

      Basically since the Fairness in Reporting Act and Mayflower Doctrine weren't applied, the Fake News has taken over the main stream media to perform gray or black PSYOPS seems more-so with a pathetic Sergeant like approach to appease everyone versus deter invalid non-standard, disorderly and irregular unlawful behaviors, acts and events.

    2. Delgado under Franco's regime... "...returned to Spain in 1970 and held the chair of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Madrid when it was created, until his retirement in the 1990s. At the same time, he carried out research projects at the Hospital Ramón y Cajal from Madrid.

      In addition to his reports and research articles in specialized journals, he published, in 1969, The Physical control of the mind. Toward a Psychocivilized ​​society and in 1995 Happiness, the brain and me. The control of the mind, two publications that summarize its main fields of scientific interest . He devoted attention to the mechanisms of artificial induction of schizophrenia through the use of hypnosis, certain radiations and possible biological manipulation. He analyzed the possibilities of the use of biogenerators and their application by secret services as a high-risk biological control weapon."
      Delgado working on induction of schizophrenia and biological manipulation in Spain after U.S.
      a href="

    3. Akwei's research after filing his case:

      The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, by Robert Becker, M.D. Monitoring neuroelectric information in the brain ESB. (p. 265,313,318)

      Cross currents, by Robert Becker. Simulating auditory hallucinations. Remote computer tampering using RF emissions from the logic board. (p. 70,78,105,174,210,216,220,242,299,303)

      Currents of Death, by Paul Brodeur. Driving brain electrical activity with external EM; magnetophosphenes; Delgado. (p. 27,93)

      The Zapping of America, by Paul Brodeur. DoD EM ESB research; simulating auditory hallucinations.

      Of Mice, Men and Molecules, by John H. Heller 1963 Bioelectricity; probing the brain with EM waves. (p, 110)

      The Three-Pound Universe, by Judith Hooper. CIA EEG research; EEGs for surveillance. (p.29,132,137)

      In the Palaces of Memory, by George Johnson. EM emissions from the brain; the brain as an open electromagnetic circuit.

      The Puzzle Palace, by James Bamford. Signals Intelligence; most advanced computers in the early 'sixties.

      The US Intelligence Community. Glossary terms at National Security Archives; Radiation Intelligence (information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic energy, excluding radioactive sources).

      The Search for the "Manchurian Candidate", by John Marks. Electrical or radio stimulation to the brain; CIA R&D in bioelectrics. (p.227)

      Secret Agenda, by Jim Hougan. National security cult groups.

      Crimes of the Intelligence Community, by Morton Halperin. Surreptitious entries; intelligence agents running operations against government workers.

      War in the Age of Intelligent Machines, NSA computer supremacy, complete control of information.

      Alternate Computers, by Time-Life Books. Molecule computers.

      The Mind, by Richard Restak, M.D. EEG Systems inc.; decoding brain EM emanations, tracking thoughts on a computer. (p. 258)

      MedTech, by Lawrence Galton. Triggering events in the brain, direct to auditory cortex signals.

      Cyborg, by D.S. Halacy, Jr, 1965. Brain-to-computer link research contracts given out by the US government.

    4. Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control, by Harvey M. Weinstein M.D. Dr. Cameron; psychic driving; ultraconceptual communications.

      Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse, by Gordon Thomas, Intelligence R&D; Delgado; psychic driving with radio telemetry. (p. 127,276,116,168,169)

      Mind Manipulators, by Alan Scheflin and Edward M. Opton. MKULTRA brain research for information-gathering.

      The Brain Changers, by Maya Pines. Listening to brain EM emissions. (p.19)

      Modern Bioelectricity. Inducing audio in the brain with EM waves; DoD cover-up; EM wave ESB; remote EEGs

      Magnetic Stimulation in Clinical Neurophysiology, by Sudhansu Chokroverty. Magnetophosphenes; images direct to the visual cortex.

      The Mind of Man, by Nigel Calder. US intelligence brain research.

      Neuroelectric Society Conference, 1971. Audio direct to the brain with EM waves; 2-way remote EEGs.

      Brain Control, by Elliot S. Valenstein. ESB., control of individuals.

      Towards Century 21, by C.S. Wallia. Brain Stimulation for direct-to-brain communications (p21)

      Mind Wars, by Ron McRae (associate of Jack Anderson). Research into brain-to-brain electronic communications., remote neural EM detection (PP. 62 106, 136).

      Mind Tools, by Rudy Rucker. Brain tapping; communications with varying biomagnetic fields (p82).

      US News and World report, January 2nd 1984. EM wave brain stimulation; intelligence community hi-tech (p38).

      Ear Magazine. Article on extremely low frequencies radio emissions in the natural environment; radio emissions from the human body.

      City Paper, Washington DC January 17, 1992. Article FCC and NSA "complete radio spectrum" listening posts.

      Frontiers in Science, by Edward Hutchings Jr 1958 (p48).

      Beyond Bio Feedback, by Elmer and Alyce Green, 1977 (p118)

      The Body Quantum, by Fred Alan Wolf

      Cloning; A Biologist Reports, by Robert Gillmore McKinnell. Ethical review of cloning humans.

      Hoovers' FBI, by Former agent William Turner. Routines of electronic surveillance work. (p280).

      July 20th 2019, by Arthur C. Clarke LIDA; Neurophonics; Brain-computer link.

      MegaBrain, by Michael Hutchison. Brain stimulation with EM waves; CIA research and information control. (pp.107,108,117, 120,123).

      The Cult of Information, by Theodore Rosnak, 1986. NSA Directive #145; personal files in computers; computer automated telephone tapping.

      The Body Shop, 1986 implantation of an electrode array on the visual cortex for video direct to the brain; other 1960's research into electronically triggering Phosphenes in the brain, thus bypassing the eyes.

      Evoked Potentials, by David Regan. Decoding neuroelectric information in the brain.

  15. US3014477 Hypnotic Inducer (Mind Control Machine)
    US3060795 Apparatus For Producing Visual Stimulation (Subconscious Transmission via Movie Film)
    US3278676 Apparatus For Producing Visual and Auditory Stimulation (Subconscious Transmission via TV)
    US3393279 Nervous System Excitation Device
    US3563246 Method and Apparatus For Improving Neural Performance In Human Subjects By Electrotherapy
    US3629521 Hearing Systems (RF/Microwave)
    US3712292 Method Of and Apparatus For Producing Swept Frequency Modulated Audio Signal Patterns For Inducing Sleep (Brain Frequencies Broadcast)
    US3884218 Method of Inducing and Maintaining Stages Of Sleep in the Human Being (FFR – Frequency Following Response Microwave)
    US3951134 Apparatus and Method For Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain Waves (RF/Electromagnetic Waves)
    US4395600 Auditory Subliminal Message System and Method (Subliminal Brainwash via Music or Other Sound)
    US4717343 Method Of Changing A Person’s Behavior (Subconscious Brainwash via Video)
    US4777529 Auditory Subliminal Programming System (Silent Brainwash Via Music or Other Sound)
    US4834701 Apparatus For Inducing Frequency Reduction In Brain Wave (FFR – Brain Frequencies Transmission)
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    US4877027 Hearing System (Microwave Hearing via open air Broadcast)
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    US5356368 Method Of and Apparatus For Inducing Desired States Of Consciousness (FFR/EEG Waveforms By Broadcast)
    US5774088 Method and System For Warning Birds Of Hazards (Microwave Hearing)
    US5889870 Acoustic Heterodyne Device and Method (Ultrasound. Ventriloquist Effect.)
    US6011991 Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave Analysis and/or Use of Brain Activity (Remote Viewing)

    1. US6052336 Apparatus and Method Of Broadcasting Audible Sound Using Ultrasonic Sound As A Carrier (Ultrasound)
      US6470214 Method and device For Implementing The Radio Frequency Hearing Effect (Microwave Hearing)
      US6587729 Apparatus For Audibly Communicating Speech Using The Radio Frequency Hearing Effect (Microwave Hearing)
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    2. US5480374 Method and Apparatus for Reducing Physiological Stress
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    3. US10129937 Controlling Flicker Caused By Multiple Light Sources
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      US7614750 Light Interaction States (LEDs can manipulate flicker fusion rate)
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      US8427727 Oscillating Mirror For Image Projection (holographic image projection that can manipulate flicker fusion rate)
      US8848006 Tensor Displays (3D holographic image creator able to manipulate flicker fusion rate)


    Interesting observation I'm having regarding the beam forming methods and bioelectromagnetic codes (Analog, Digital, DC and AC) for the sound, body and mind control assaults, battery, etc. "heath attacks/assaults" ways and means.
    That previous post I made recently research paper got me and someone else detailing their observations also, since he's working on a neurophone method overseas to use to jam or use healing signals to counter the effects. I also moderate the r/OpenV2K so am somewhat aware of the methods, though not taken the time to reproduce any experiments or devices other than with the transducer bone conducting headphones typically hardwired audio pulse modulation, pulse train.
    His observation of the "pulse train" term method I used was further found detailed in two papers where the term "spike" is used to detail the "pulse train" "pulse" "spike" or basically spike code that effects the bioelectromagnetic signaling to bypass the mechanical apparatus of the auditory canal system in a minimalist way.
    Two interesting papers he shared, noted how the Purdue Sayles Lab team notes the Optic nerve isn't as complex and that gets me wondering how easier maybe to cause hallucinations, visions and mental imagery synthesis beyond synthetic telepathy like with the Berkley team that's clearly and probably main stream generically demonstrated hacking out the cats vision system and displaying, via the optic nerve "spikes" I'm guessing, what the cat sees on another monitor.


    Continued from:


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