PSA Excerpts from Echelon Secret Power Documentary

I've not updated much other than comments in previous blogs and Youtube blocked this PSA so decided to upload here for a better informed humanity. Reference: Documentary - Echelon: The Secret Power (2002) Authors : David Korn-Brzoza; Michel Ranc; Michel Rotman; KUIV Productions.; France 2 Wikipedia: Resize online for free using: Edited using the free app Openshot:

Remote Sensing Remote Transmission and Covert Operations Capabilities Li...

See below the youtube video for the two new uploads that meet the 100MB max file size requirement as I had to edit the below storyboard rough draft video I first posted on youtube to be able to upload directly to The below youtube post has been blocked for some reason even though is a public service report to spread the good news of the truth that is finally in the main stream media again regarding imminent threat systems operations that are of grave concern relating to deadly and at the least systems capable of maiming that are remote sensing and remote transmission operations. Part 1 of 2 of the above video edited: Part 2 of 2 of the above video edited: Thanksgiving update with two more segments I want to incorporate maybe into a third investigative journalism news report that includes older late 70's and early 80's main stream mind control related news reports that I've referenced on this blogger in previous

2nd Storyboard of Video I Started Working On regarding Technostalking


CBS News: 60 Minutes "Are U.S. diplomats being targeted abroad?" Excellent job CBS News and 60 Minutes!  Excellent to see more main stream media regarding the imminent threat situations. These systems are assault with intent to maim if not murder systems that need to be exposed more. Thanks to all who participated in this report and thanks in advance to those who will participate in future reports! Also, see the previous post and others:

Neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano on the Brain as the Battlefield and other updates

Latest and greatest by Neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano on the Brain as the Battlefield.  Worth watching the whole presentation and I highly recommend so you don't miss any of the details... at least the first presentation. This video is actually two presentations.  I posted some times worth watching for a few minutes if not able to watch the whole presentation.  Watch at least I’m thinking from t=844 (~14min) or at least in relation to this article t=942 (~15:42min): The Minds of Men is an excellent documentary also: Also... I've updated the Instructable with some more info in the Introduction section:

Causation with a long history

Interesting Movie Video Psychoanalytical Production to Elicit Responses as well as Tech

BRAINSTORM (a modern reality now?)